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  • Confident decision making. It’s great if you have the ability to back it up!
  • Working memory overload. The digital age is seriously taxing our brains.
  • Select for Learning agility. It’s now rocketing up the list of ‘must haves’ in new hires!

Agility-Focused Pre-hire Testing Solutions. Simply Better


What is Learning Agility?  Its about the ability to learn more and learn faster. It’s also about being able to quickly and accurately recall information, and confidently apply new knowledge to new situations.

Why is it important?   Because agile learners are capable of quickly reaching high levels of job performance. They can also easily learn new jobs, new systems and new technology.

What’s the test?  The MAS General Potential assessment comes in two forms. The Standard version is for identifying agile learners amongst general workforce job applicants. The Advanced version is for graduate and professional level hires.

How long does it take?  Around 12 minutes.

What languages are available?  English, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French.


What is Numerical Agility?  It’s the ability to think quickly and accurately with numbers. It includes the capacity to hold and manipulate a lot of numerical information in mind to arrive at correct solutions to problems.

Why is it important?  Because in the age of big data, all organizations need genuinely quick and smart ‘numbers people’ who can quickly understand and deal with numerical information.

What’s the test?  The ebilities MAS Numerical Advanced  is designed for hiring graduates and professionals in disciplines such as Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Marketing etc

How long does it take?  Around 15 mins.

What languages are available?  English, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French.


What is ‘All-Round’ Agility?  It’s the highly valuable combination of learning agility plus numerical agility plus agility with the English language (fast and accurate recall of English words).

Why is it important?  Because agile all-rounders with good English skills are versatile people. They are able to follow fluid career paths in an increasingly connected world, and are the key to a futureproof workforce.

What’s the test?  The MAS Business Fundamentals comes in two forms. The Standard version is for identifying agile all-rounders amongst general workforce applicants. The Advanced version is for graduate and professional level hires.

How long does it take?  Around 15 minutes.

What languages are available?  English only.

All of our pre-hire solutions assess Cognitive Confidence.
Because being Agile is not just about being smart.

An important part of agility is confidence – the confidence to make decisions and to put new learning into action.     That’s why ebilities MAS tests include the measurement of Cognitive Confidence.

Cognitive Confidence is a new area of assessment and it’s different to the type of confidence measured through personality questionnaires. It’s important because Cognitive Confidence turns ability into action.

People who are high in Cognitive Confidence are naturally certain, positive and assured when it comes to making decisions and putting learning into action. People low in Cognitive Confidence are hesitant, unsure and doubtful.

ebilities MAS test solutions help you identify your truly agile people who have high ability
matched by high Cognitive Confidence.

ebilities MAS range includes culture-fair testing options, smartphone-enabled technology, plus "real time" analysis of tests to deter and detect cheating

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